Transparent solutions

in glass and metal

The products of Metaglas are spatially and transparent, which results in lots of daylight.

Methermo insulated aluminium windows and doors

Get the ultimate transparency with Methermo aluminum windows and doors by Metaglas. These aluminum windows and doors can be placed in wooden, but also in aluminum frames. It’s just what you want. The profiles of all products of the Methermo series are ultra slim, with a maximized glass surface. As a result of this, you can embrace daylight to the fullest.

Unique system: vertical slinding windows

Methermo XL vertical sliding windows provide a unique experience for both designers and residents. The innovative window system forms a balustrade in the open position. The sliding direction, the simple slim alignment and the large dimensions lead to an exclusive façade design with optimal transparency and an optimal view.

Technical documenation

Download the technical documentation. The documantion is written in Dutch. If you have any questions contact us at +31 (0)344 750 400 or info@metaglas.nl.

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