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Scenic Crystal

25 November 2019

Scenic Crystal is the latest edition to the Scenic Tours fleet that was launched between 2012 and 2016. The other vessels are Scenic Jade, Scenic Jewel and Scenic Amber. These luxury riverboats are part of the line's expansion program. Scenic Cruises belongs to the elite in terms of European inland vessels.

Contrary to some other river cruise ships, Scenic Crystal has fully extendible balconies in almost all passenger cabins, rather than the more conventional French balcony cabins. Metaglas has provided the passenger cabins with vertical sliding windows. The window consists of two glass panels of which the top panel slides down. This way, when opening the panels you create a glass balustrade and the glass conservatory is transformed into a balcony.

There are several public areas available for passengers on board of the Scenic. In addition to the two restaurants, a gift shop and fitness area, passengers now have access to the Panorama Lounge and Bar on the Danube deck. The walls are made of glass, giving passengers a spectacular view on the passing scenery. The outdoor sun deck, provided with loungers and umbrellas, covers the top deck of the vessel.

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