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18 March 2020

All Dutch citizens are fully committed to minimizing the continuous spread of the coronavirus. Metaglas also bears its responsibility and has taken measures against a wider spread.

Metaglas continues production and assembly activities

Metaglas strictly follows the guidelines of the RIVM (Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environment). In light of the circumstances, Metaglas will continue its production and assembly activities in construction for the time being. We will at all times bear the responsibility for the health of our employees, customers, relations, and other people present at a construction site. In addition, we are taking measures to minimize the risk of spreading infection. These measures include separated work breaks and, if possible, employees working from home.

Customer visits

All planned customer visits on site or at Metaglas are cancelled until 6 April, with the exception of those related to assembly and construction sites. Instead, appointments take place by telephone as much as possible, or via other means of (online) communication.

International projects

All assembly and service appointments outside the Netherlands have been postponed until further notice. Metaglas is forced to take this measure as country borders have been closed.

Delivery times

We are doing everything within our power to safeguard the quality and delivery times of our products and, above all, the health of our employees and relations. However, it may be the case that certain matters will turn out differently. We kindly ask for your understanding. If you have any questions about this letter or with regard to your project, please do not hesitate to contact us via +31 (0)344 750 400.

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