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Heske Groenendaal once more in TheNextWomen100

25 November 2019

On Monday 16 September, in its eighth edition under the motto 'You cannot become what you cannot see', TheNextWomen published the list of the 100 most successful female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Heske Groenendaal, the CEO of Metaglas in Tiel, made the list for the fifth time this year.

Taking shares into their own hands

The most successful female Dutch entrepreneurs were selected on the basis of certain criteria, such as: The total company turnover for 2018, the size of the workforce; their function as a role model and their vision for the future.

Only 6% of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands achieve an annual turnover of more than €1 million. The women in TheNextWomen100, however, far surpass this. With a minimum turnover of €2 million in the 2018 fiscal year and with 33% of them achieving over €10 million in revenue, these women are standard bearers for the Dutch business community. What's more, 70 out of 100 entrepreneurs this year own 50% or more of the company shares; the female entrepreneurs have taken the shares into their own hands.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Without a doubt, Heske's nomination is due to her entrepreneurial activities at Metaglas, a producer of innovative and transparent façade elements that she knows how to link to social themes. Metaglas' social involvement is expressed thorugh its societal contribution, particularly through (technical) education and the development of entrepreneurs, students and disadvantaged people on the labour market. Heske Groenendaal is also a chairman of the supervisory board of Rabobank West Betuwe, a member of the ROC RIVOR Supervisory Board and a Petje Af Tiel ambassador.

About TheNextWomen

TheNextWomen is an international platform for female entrepreneurs and investors. The objective is to advise, inspire and connect ambitious entrepreneurial women locally and globally. Over the past nine years, TheNextWomen has developed into a source of knowledge, inspiration and authority in the field of female entrepreneurship, growth and capital.

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