River cruise ship

Emerald Dawn

by Den Breeijen Shipyard

Emerald Dawn is one of Emerald's top ships that roams the river Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle; a cruise ship that travels the most beautiful European cities. The Emerald Dawn has more than ninety spacious suites and passenger cabins, including four one-bedroom suites with own balcony, separate living room and bedroom.

The Emerald Dawn is characterised by its ingenious balcony systems that give it its unique look. The MethermoXL vertical sliding windows, installed in all suites and passenger cabins, create a balustrade when opened and offer an incredible view when closed. Thanks to the unique sliding direction, no cabin space is lost and it offers the passengers the possibility to create their own outside space entirely to their liking.

Innovations played an important role in the design of the Emerald Dawn. Partly because of this, the ship has an abundance of modern and innovative gadgets and specs on board, including a pool that can seamlessly transform into a cinema. The top deck of the Emerald Dawn functions as a sun deck and is perfectly suited as a communal area, where passengers can enjoy the river breeze and relax.

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