Metaglas: specialist in glass and metal

Metaglas is an innovative Dutch family business, that specialises in slim façade elements and interior solutions for new and renovated buildings. Maximum transparency is the basis of all our products. We need daylight for our health and productivity and it is essential to creating a pleasant indoor climate. Our windows, doors and glass constructions have the slimmest possible profiles. We can even make the profiles completely disappear into the ceiling or floor. This way, you see only glass. The products of Metaglas are spatially and transparent, which results in lots of daylight. In every project our motto is: maximum daylight and the ultimate view.

Custom made & Engineering
All of our products are fully customized. In consultation with the architect, contractor or client we realize special designs with glass and metal. All customized solutions are unique and transparent. There are no limits; (almost) everything is possible. “We continue where others stop.” That is our motto. Each project has its own specific needs, our strength is finding the right solution for each project. At Metaglas we develop, produce and assemble our own products. In all stages of your project, you can rely on the knowledge of our experienced consultants and engineers

Our history
Metaglas is a family business, founded in 1975. Peter Groenendaal, who worked at a large glass manufacturer, saw opportunities for creating complete glass and metal constructions: cover windows made with tempered glass completed with fittings and hinges. Groenendaal decided to start his own business: Metaglas. The global oil crisis coincided with the early days of his company. For the first time, saving energy was an important issue. Groenendaal developed insulated tempered glass windows, the first step to the current success of Metaglas.

Since Heske Groenendaal and Waldo Duin took over the company in 1999, it has grown enormously. Currently Metaglas has 125 employees and has developed all kinds of innovative new products such as tempered glass windows and doors, balcony glazing, window frames and custom made glass constructions. We offer a wide product range for construction and renovation of residential and commercial buildings, ships and infrastructure.


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