Shipping products

Metaglas specializes in (sliding) windows, glass doors, insulated glass constructions and glass constructions for river and sea cruise ships. Our products are easy to use, offer comfort and have slim profiles. This way, the guests on board can experience lots of daylight and a visually larger cabin.

Windows and doors for river and sea cruises

All of our products are fully customized. We develop, produce and assemble our own products. Metaglas owns eight patents and has experience with over more than sixty river cruise ships. Metaglas provides service throughout Europe. Our products are easy to use, offer comfort and have a slim detailing. This way, your guest on board experience optimal daylight and spacious cabins during their holidays. This can be with vertical sliding windows, a modern appearance in the restaurant or an electrical entrance on the ship. The possibilities are endless. Metaglas can make an extraordinary experience for your guests!

A special product for the shipping industry is the Methermo XL electrically operated vertical sliding windows. This innovate window consists of two glass panels, of which the upper panel slides down or the lower panel slides up. When opened, this results in a glass balustrade. The new sliding window is electrically operated. Because of this, large dimensions are possible up to 3500 mm (137,8 inches) wide, providing optimal comfort. The Methermo XL vertical sliding window is a unique solution for shipping projects. Providing transparency, a visually larger cabin, more daylight and an amazing view. The Methermo XL vertical sliding windows are very innovative because of their mode of operation: you can operate the windows with a central connection, an app on your smartphone or your/a smart tv.


Metaglas develops, produces and assembles her own products. See below pictures of the assembly process of Methermo XL vertical sliding windows in a river cruise ship.

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